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“... No localized joint abnormality, soft tissue change, vascular or  neural abnormality can exist without ultimately affecting the whole spine, in subtle or manifest ways ...”

Gregory Grieve, 1988


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Systematic assessment and investigation is the cornerstone of “intelligent” musculoskeletal management.










The BrightonSpineInstitute has been in the making for over 20 years. The idea for a combined physiotherapy practice and research facility was in the making when its physiotherapists were undertaking post graduate studies. Musculoskeletal clinical input into research studies was a necessary part of both clinical practice and meaningful research data collection. With this, the concept of the BrightonSpineInstitute was evolving in the mind of Charlie Kornberg, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.

With a background in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, completing both his Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy and being awarded his Master of Manipulative Physiotherapy, Charlie considered that clinical application into research was important. This was something that the researchers of the time were lacking. From there, the Brighton
SpineInstitute was in development.

Utilizing state of the art Cybex TEF isokinetic testing, accurate spinal strength testing was, for the first time in Australia, being used in the assessment and treatment of spinal dysfunction. Evidence based management strategies and research based methods were to be implemented at the evolving Brighton
SpineInstitute, to enable a better understanding of spinal pain and its rehabilitation.

In 2004, the Brighton
SpineInstitute was established, and in conjunction with the Brighton Spinal Group allowed for an integrated approach to the assessment and treatment of muscle and joint pain.

Spine Front

In 2004, BrightonSpineInstitute and the Brighton Spinal and Sports Medicine Clinic came together to form an alliance of both expertise and an ongoing commitment to medical education, research and professional development. It was recognized that the most effective treatment of spinal and joint conditions required a detailed assessment and co-ordinated management plan.

Spine Lateral

This alliance in now the Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic. It provides the best multidisciplinary care and management of spinal pain and associated musculoskeletal conditions. More on the Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic can be found on their web page:

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