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For the total management of your spinal condition

“... No localized joint abnormality, soft tissue change, vascular or  neural abnormality can exist without ultimately affecting the whole spine, in subtle or manifest ways ...”

Gregory Grieve, 1988


Where is BSI?

441 Bay Street, Brighton 3186
(03) 9596 7211
F: (03) 9596 7871
E: info@brightonspineinstitute.com

Systematic assessment and investigation is the cornerstone of “intelligent” musculoskeletal management.

How to get there.

BrightonSpineInstitute is part of the Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic at 441 Bay Street, Brighton 3186.

Parking is available both at the front and the rear of clinic. To access the rear car park, enter via Warriston Street.

Public transport: Rail: North Brighton Railway Station - 500m.
                       Bus: Route 600.

Melway Ref. 67 G9


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