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“... No localized joint abnormality, soft tissue change, vascular or  neural abnormality can exist without ultimately affecting the whole spine, in subtle or manifest ways ...”

Gregory Grieve, 1988


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Systematic assessment and investigation is the cornerstone of “intelligent” musculoskeletal management.

Clinical Management.

The most effective treatment of musculoskeletal conditions requires a detailed and systematic assessment, as well as a coordinated management plan. To optimize recovery, individualized programs are tailored to the specific needs of the patient, drawing on a holistic framework of the best proven treatments currently available. Self management strategies are integral to the success of these programs.

Spinal Rehabilitation.

A very important part of rehabilitation of spinal pain is the correction of stability. In the neck it is often a deficiency of the deep neck flexors, whilst in the lower back it is the impaired 'core' stability, with delayed onset of the action of the transversus abdominis muscle. Once core stabilizers have been retrained, global muscle strengthening should be integrated into a rehabilitation program. Programs should be tailored and individualized to achieve an optimum result. A once neglected area of muscular control, the spinal extensors, is once again being included in rehabilitation programs, with good success.

Musculoskeletal Templates for Zedmed ClinicalTM.

As part of clinical practice evolution with technology, a paperless clinical records system has been made available through Zedmed Medical Software Solutions (formerly Medipak). Their clinical record system (Zedmed Clinical), through our experience, has been shown to be superior to their competitors. Over the last 18 months, Charlie Kornberg has developed a series of musculoskeletal templates that are used exclusively with Zedmed Clinical. Enquiries can be made directly to BrightonSpineInstitute by sending an e-mail to: or by contacting Greg Brownbill at Zedmed on (03) 9284 3300. You can also visit their website at

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